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Support Community

At MEPS, we believe that our responsibility extends beyond delivering high-quality technology solutions. Our commitment to community development and social engagement is just as crucial. This page is dedicated to showcasing our initiatives, partnerships, and the impact we've made in various communities.

Our Focus Areas


Education and Skill Development

MEPS is committed to empowering the future of our communities by investing in education and skill development programs. We sponsor coding bootcamps and cybersecurity workshops.


Environmental Sustainability

We're working to reduce our carbon footprint through green initiatives such as recycling electronic waste, energy-efficient infrastructure, and promoting the use of sustainable technologies.


Local Community Support

As a company based in the United States Virgin Islands, we are particularly focused on uplifting our local community through various outreach programs, disaster relief efforts, and charitable activities.


MEPS's initiatives with kids have made a significant difference in our community. The company truly cares about making a positive impact.

Working with MEPS on community projects has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Their professionalism and dedication to social causes are commendable.