What services does MEPS offer?

MEPS offers a wide range of technology services including cybersecurity, digital forensics, IT consulting, software development, web development, infrastructure management, physical security systems, and emerging technology solutions.

What government agencies does MEPS work with?

We have deep experience working with law enforcement, public safety agencies, municipalities, utilities, education institutions, healthcare organizations, and various state and federal entities.

How does MEPS handle projects?

We assign dedicated teams who get to know your organization and objectives in-depth. This enables us to provide fully customized solutions.

Does MEPS offer technical support and training?

Yes, our project teams provide ongoing support and knowledge transfer. We also offer formal training customized to your needs.

What is MEPS's approach to cybersecurity?

We take a proactive stance, continuously testing defenses, implementing robust controls, and preparing incident response plans. Compliance is maintained.

How does MEPS stay current on emerging technologies?

Through R&D, prototyping, vendor partnerships, and participating in tech conferences, our experts are at the forefront of innovation.

Can MEPS scale to handle large projects?

Absolutely. We have the resources and methodology to scale delivery while maintaining quality results.

Does MEPS provide services onsite or remotely?

Our teams work flexibly onsite, remotely, or in a hybrid model based on your preferences and security requirements.

What differentiates MEPS from competitors?

Our deep focus on government clients sets us apart. We combine technical expertise with an understanding of your specific constraints and objectives.

Is MEPS a Virgin Islands company?

Yes, we are headquartered in the US Virgin Islands and focused on serving regional government agencies.


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