MEPS Service

Cybersecurity Policy and
Framework Development

Establish Strong Foundations with Our Cybersecurity Policy and Framework Creation Services

Robust cybersecurity requires clear policies and frameworks governing people, processes, and technology. Our consultants partner with government agencies to develop customized programs that align with objectives and risk tolerance.

We help author practical policies across areas such as:

  • Access management – Identity, authentication, authorization
  • Data protection – Encryption, retention, classification
  • Asset management – Inventory, ownership, lifecycles
  • Incident response – Breach detection, analysis, containment
  • Acceptable use – Guidelines for systems, devices, and data
  • Remote access and telework – Secure access methods
  • Password and account security – Complexity, resets, lockouts
  • Physical security – Facility access, surveillance, locks
  • Vendor security – Onboarding, risk assessments, access
  • Mobile device security – Device management, email

Our team can provide training to stakeholders on new policies and obtain necessary sign-offs. We also help craft frameworks that tie together policies into a cohesive program.

Frameworks we help implement include:

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework – Identify, protect, detect, respond, recover
  • ISO/IEC 27001 – Information security management system
  • COBIT – Control objectives for information technology
  • CIS Critical Security Controls – Prioritized defense actions

In addition to customized policies and frameworks, we offer guiding documents such as:

  • Information security plans outlining safeguards and responsibilities
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Configuration standards for systems and devices
  • Secure coding guidelines for developers
  • Physical security plans for facilities and assets

With clear cybersecurity policies and frameworks in place, agencies can manage risk with oversight appropriate for their unique environment. MEPS gives you the experienced advisors you need for developing and socializing programs that work.