MEPS Service

Incident Response Planning

Strengthen Incident Response with Our Custom Planning and Exercises

Cyberattacks and data breaches are growing threats facing government entities. Agencies must be prepared to rapidly detect incidents and take appropriate steps to mitigate damage. Our team helps develop and test customized incident response plans aligned to your specific environment and risks.

We partner with you to define response procedures for scenarios such as:

  • Malware and ransomware outbreaks
  • Phishing campaigns and email compromises
  • Insider threats and unauthorized access
  • Web and DNS hijacking incidents
  • DDoS attacks impeding online services
  • Physical breaches of facilities and assets
  • Natural disasters impacting IT systems

Key elements of the plans we help architect include:

  • Incident assessment frameworks to classify and prioritize threats
  • Communications workflows to rapidly mobilize responders
  • Integration with SOC, SIEM, and monitoring tools
  • Playbooks for responding to common attack types
  • Roles and responsibilities across teams
  • Evidence gathering and forensics procedures
  • IT systems recovery and restoration steps
  • Breach notification guidance per regulations
  • Post-incident analysis and documentation

We assist your personnel in rehearsing the plans via tabletop exercises and drills. These simulations validate response effectiveness, identify gaps, and improve coordination across teams including IT, security, legal, HR, PR, and executives. 

After exercises, we debrief with participants and provide an after-action report summarizing what went well along with areas for improvement. We then incorporate these lessons learned into the response plans.

With MEPS as a partner, you benefit from our experience building successful incident response programs for enterprises across industries. We make sure your agency has the actionable plans to limit damages when breaches occur. 

Let’s discuss how our incident response planning and exercise services can prepare your personnel to act decisively in the midst of a cyberattack or emergency. With MEPS, you gain an invaluable advantage.