MEPS Service

Managed SIEM (Security
Event Monitoring)

4/7 Threat Detection with Our Managed SIEM Services

Security teams can quickly drown in the flood of event data generated across today’s distributed environments. Prioritizing threats is near impossible without a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Our experts provide managed SIEM services, relieving your staff while identifying risks in real-time.

We start by deploying leading SIEM platforms like Splunk, IBM QRadar, or Exabeam, customized to your infrastructure. After baselining normal behavior, we establish use case-driven correlation rules, algorithms, and machine learning models to detect anomalies indicating potential attacks.

Our SOC team monitors your SIEM 24/7/365, investigating and escalating high-risk incidents through established protocols. We hunt for threats across:

  • Malware, ransomware, and virus outbreaks
  • Critical system and configuration changes
  • Unauthorized internal access attempts
  • Network scans and probes
  • Known attacker tools, tactics, and procedures
  • Log tampering or anomalies
  • Policy violations and compliance events
  • Phishing patterns in email gateways
  • Excessive failed access attempts
  • Database queries matching sensitive records

We oversee platform health, maintenance, and updates, providing a complete managed service. Customized dashboards and reporting provide visibility for your staff.

Augmenting limited internal resources with our SIEM expertise improves threat detection, investigation workload, and 24×7 coverage. Our team serves as a seamless extension of your security operations. Let’s discuss how our managed SIEM services can help you gain control of the data deluge and focus on risks that matter most.