MEPS Service

Security Audits
and Risk Assessments

Strengthen Your Defenses with Our Comprehensive Security Audits and Risk Assessments

To effectively secure critical infrastructure and sensitive data, government agencies need complete visibility into potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Our expert team provides in-depth security audits and risk assessments to identify gaps in your defenses before cybercriminals and other threat actors exploit them.

We take a holistic, proprietary audit methodology tailored to the unique risks and compliance obligations facing government entities. Each assessment examines your security posture across people, processes, data, applications, networks, systems, and physical infrastructure.

Our security audits typically include:

  • Review of existing security policies, procedures and controls
  • Evaluation of security frameworks like NIST, ISO or COBIT
  • Examination of data classification and asset management
  • Assessment of physical security such as access controls and surveillance
  • Appraisal of vendor, third-party and supply chain risk
  • Audit of identity and access management policies and systems
  • Testing of wireless networks, firewalls, proxies and other security controls
  • Validation of patch and configuration management
  • Analysis of authentication methods and password policies
  • Inspection of encryption usage for data at rest and in transit
  • Evaluation of security awareness programs and staff training

Our risk assessments take the intelligence from audits to precisely identify danger areas such as unpatched servers, inadequate logging, legacy systems lacking support, improper data disposal procedures and poor segmentation of sensitive networks. We provide clear remediation guidance based on threat modeling, vulnerability scans, and risk formulas tailored to your unique requirements.

Our audits and assessments also evaluate compliance with regulations such as FISMA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and Privacy Act, determining which requirements your agency may fail to meet, leading to fines and loss of public trust.

In addition to our standard audits, we also offer focused assessments, including:

  • Web and mobile application security audits
  • Social engineering and phishing risk audits
  • Email security audits
  • Database and server audits
  • Cloud infrastructure audits
  • Network penetration testing
  • Physical security assessments

With large security teams or limited in-house expertise, partnering with MEPS for security audits and risk assessments provides the depth of resources and third-party objectivity to truly evaluate your defenses. Our findings help agencies secure sensitive systems and data, meet key compliance standards, and allocate security resources effectively.

Let’s discuss your security audit and risk assessment needs. With MEPS as your partner, you gain the continuous visibility needed to strengthen defenses before attackers strike.