MEPS Service

Security Awareness and
End User Education

Build a Human Firewall with Our Security Awareness and Training Programs

Technical controls are essential for cybersecurity, but the human element is just as critical. Users unaware of risks and best practices are vulnerable to phishing, malware, fraud and data theft. Our experts build modern awareness and training programs that equip personnel across your agency to serve as a human firewall.

We help strengthen security culture through:

Engaging Online Training Modules

We create interactive modules addressing top risks like phishing, strong passwords, social engineering, remote work, physical security, and data handling. Content combines media, quizzes, and role-play scenarios.

Classroom-Style Training Workshops

In-person workshops facilitated by our experts reinforce concepts through discussion, case studies, and activities tailored to your agency’s priorities.

Simulated Phishing and Social Engineering Exercises

We conduct ethical phishing simulations to gauge susceptibility and improve vigilance. Targeted security messages are sent to those failing for remediation.

Cybersecurity Newsletters and Posters

Reinforcing lessons via newsletters, posters, digital signage, and other reminders sustains awareness between trainings. Content is customized for relevance.

Management Briefings and Support

Getting leadership commitment is key. We provide executive briefings and help managers actively encourage secure practices through policy updates, talks, and leading by example.

New Starter Orientations

Onboarding instills sound habits from day one. We incorporate security overviews into new hire orientation programs.

Microlearning for Knowledge Retention

Short microlearning videos and infographics delivered over time reinforce previous concepts and introduce new topics to synthesize lessons.

Gamification Elements

Introducing rewards, leaderboards, badges, and friendly competition motivates employees to learn through fun.

Third-Party Integrations

We integrate with your existing LMS, single sign-on portal, and communication platforms for seamless delivery and tracking.

Our methodology maximizes engagement, participation, and retention using principles from learning science. Programs can be delivered across remote and hybrid work environments. Let us help your personnel serve as a strong human firewall.