MEPS Service

Third-party Cyber Risk

Manage Third-Party Cyber Risks with Our Vendor and Supplier Assessments

Government agencies increasingly rely on contractors, service providers, and technology vendors to support critical operations. While this brings advantages, it also expands the attack surface. Compromises of third parties have emerged as a major cyber threat vector.

Our experienced team helps agencies continuously evaluate and mitigate the risks posed by suppliers, vendors, contractors, and other external parties. We take a comprehensive approach tailored to your unique third-party ecosystem.

Key services and capabilities include:

Thorough Vendor Cyber Risk Assessments

We conduct in-depth assessments evaluating security practices and posture across a vendor’s people, processes, data, infrastructure, applications, and policies. This identifies control gaps that could enable breaches impacting your environment.

Ongoing Monitoring of Supplier Cyber Risk

Risks evolve as vendors change. We provide continuous monitoring of your third-parties through questionnaires, document analysis, penetration testing, and audits. New weaknesses are quickly detected.

Unbiased Evaluations

As an independent firm, we objectively evaluate vendors without bias or conflicts of interest. This brings transparency many organizations lack. Our focus is your security.

Risk Scoring and Ratings

We score vendor risks based on impact and likelihood using an adjustable risk matrix aligned with your tolerance. This enables data-driven decisions on risks.

Remediation Tracking

We verify vendors address identified risks through milestone tracking. Laggards get escalated through contract clauses or other incentives. Progress is continually validated.

Questionnaire Standardization

Our standardized self-assessment surveys save vendors from responding to multiple questionnaires. This increases participation.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Expanding assessments beyond direct suppliers, we analyze risks deeper in supply chains that could cascade to your organization.

Legal and Procurement Integration

We help include security requirements in contracts, PRTs, SLAs and other instruments to mandate controls. Non-compliance has consequences.

Our team essentially serves as your outsourced vendor risk management program. With MEPS as your partner, you gain the expertise and capacity to continuously monitor one of the fastest emerging threats to government agencies. Let’s discuss your third-party ecosystem and how our assessments can illuminate risks before they become front page news.