MEPS Service

Vulnerability Scanning and
Penetration Testing

Uncover Network and System Vulnerabilities with Our Pen Testing and Scanning Services

To fortify your security posture, government agencies need to continuously probe networks, applications, and systems for weaknesses. Our highly experienced team provides expert vulnerability scanning and penetration testing services tailored to expose risks before they are exploited.

Utilizing leading commercial, open source, and proprietary tools, we systematically uncover the flaws threat actors could leverage to breach defenses, including:

  • Known software vulnerabilities and unpatched systems
  • Default or weak passwords and credentials
  • Improper system configurations and settings
  • Validation and logic flaws in web apps and APIs
  • SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other OWASP risks
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive files and directories
  • Ability to move laterally across network segments
  • Lack of or weak encryption allowing data interception
  • Physical security weaknesses such asFacility access control issues

We not only find vulnerabilities, but validate and demonstrate how they could be leveraged for infiltration. Our ethically conducted pen testing simulates real-world attacks to provide visual proof of insecurity.

Vulnerability Scanning and Pen Testing Services:

  • External and internal network scans
  • Web application scanning and code reviews
  • API scanning for flaws and misconfigurations
  • Mobile app pen testing on iOS and Android
  • Email system scanning for vulnerabilities
  • WiFi network security assessments
  • Physical penetration testing of facilities
  • Social engineering risk assessments
  • Database and OS vulnerability scanning
  • Firewall ruleset reviews to identify gaps
  • Review of IAM permissions and privilege creep
  • Testing of encryption mechanisms
  • Log review for anomalies indicating threats

We conduct scans and pen tests during off-peak hours to minimize disruption. Our team handles any necessary authorizations and closely coordinates with your IT staff.

Post-assessment, we provide a detailed report cataloging the vulnerabilities discovered and how they could be exploited. We outline clear remediation guidance ranked by severity. For vulnerabilities that require vendor patches, we assist with upgrade planning and change management.

Regular scanning and pen testing are critical for agencies to identify and address constantly emerging weaknesses in technology. Partnering with MEPS gives you the technical skills and third-party objectivity to continuously improve defenses before cybercriminals strike.

Let’s discuss your vulnerability management needs and how our expert pen testing and scanning services can uncover hidden risks in your environment.